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of green Jenniton apples. As Webb and his four men rode up the foragers halted and set their loads on the ground as if to rest. Piled about them, each load was about as large

  • s, however, prepared themselves and their horses
  • well for the expedition. Other cavalrymen were fo
  • rced to remain comparatively inactive, but Quantrell’
  • s men were coming and going daily and killing here and there. On the march to his field of operation, Webb
  • overtook two Kansas infantrymen five miles west of Independence194 on the old Independence road. T
he load under which each soldier staggered proved that their for
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thout his gun. “There is no need of a gun,” was the reply, “because the fighting rebels are all out of the country and the stay-at-homes are all subjugated. What we want we take, and we generally want a good deal.” “A blind man might see that,” Webb ra


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ther grimly replied, “but suppose some of Quantrell’s cut-th

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roats were to ride up to you as we have done, stop to talk with you as we have done, draw out a pistol as I am doing this minute, cover you thus, and bid you surren

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killed hog, some

der now195 as I do, you infernal thief and son of a thief, what would you say then?”


wheaten biscuit


the look of s

imple surprise yet cool indifference which came to the Jayhawker’s face was the strongest f

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